We are living in the world of technologies which some of them are great some of then are broken and need to be improved .

But long story short this will be a true story why we need to fix this and everyone needs to start using it. So whoever is watching Mining Hardware channel videos knows that we are running and Online shop for mining hardware.

So this started to happened from about start of august 2018 , we had business as usual trough mineshop.eu website. Orders coming in and we shipping out the products, but after few days I noticed something strange most of the orders are under similar names going to one city in Sweden and ordering weird items like Antminer D3 which currently isn’t in big demand. Ok I thought maybe someone has some new x11 coin or has some kind of project , I didn’t pay a lot of attention on this. Until I received an email from PayPal which was used to pay for the goods about unauthorized transaction on product which was not shipped yet.

Ok so I called up paypal and asked what its all about , they said don’t worry if you have tracking number that you have shipped item , you are under seller protections. Ok I said that I haven’t shipped the item out yet, what should I do then. He said the easiest would be refund payment to him, which is what we did.

After this I decided to do some more research on these orders and I found similarity on orders , that all of them are ordered by same surname just different names. Ok I though it is very suspicious and went to check DHL Tracking numbers. And what I saw was that these mining rigs was all of them refused delivery and then picked up. So I got in contact with our account manager in DHL and he said that in Sweden they have these parcel motels, when currier can leave parcel and customer can come and pickup his parcel without needing him to show his id or anything.

As expected unauthorized transactions started to come in one by one. So of course I got on to paypal again , and this time their answer was you are not seller protected on these transactions. I said WTF , sorry for my language. Someone just ordered items worth 25 000 euro with stolen credit cards and you want to tell me its my fault . You are the safe payment gateway as you are advertising and you cannot catch people with stolen creditcard details (of course I know it is not possible if its been used first time for scam) . Anyway I still haven’t got any explanation why im not seller protected.

Hope to get this escalated this as soon as possible, as they say they will investigate this for another 80 days or so.


So this is the reason why im out there making this post, I want to reach out to you guys as many as possible, so you do not experience this if you are a seller of you using creditcards be careful don’t trust anyone.

And this is the one of the biggest issues we face in these days for digital payment methods , im not talking about cash which also has a lot of fraud and fake. #But today its about digital payments That using blockchain technology we can make them much more secure ( sellers and buyers ) can be protected more. There wont be such thing as stolen creditcard data , you would actually need wallet private keys to stole people money. Which I think its very hard to do, a lot harder then picture data written on people credit cards…ha


So please please share this guys with your friends, that there is such problems in current world. If everyone of us was was using blockchain transactions between each other the world would be much better place.

I know this is happening sooner or later, but I want you to be sooner. As there is also a lot of opportunities if you are sooner then later.

So please share this and we will get this to as many people possible.