Long waited Hiveos 2.0 is released. As many as you have started to use lately HIVEos mining software, which seems to be very reliable. Seems like Hiveos developer isn’t sleeping and has released a new mining software panel upgrade, which comes with a lot of new features. And not only that ,  current features has improved also.


So couple weeks ago HiveOS CEO Dmytro came out with announcement and invited everyone to new Hiveos testing. Testing seems went very smooth, mineshop.eu also joined testing. And seems like all the features was working perfect, at least we didn’t face any issues or bugs.


So after 2 weeks testing, they didn’t think much and pushed the new gui live, and I can tell you it looks great. Even feels like your miners starts to mine faster and more efficient J


New features added:

  • Most important update is auto fans, this is great feature, you can put the temperatures the gpus can reach to save the fan speed as much as you can.
  • Each user now can have multiple farms, and can even transfer them to different user.
  • Wallets (there are no more ewalls, dwalls, zwalls ) You just select the coin you want to mine.
  • Flight sheets ( made configuration almost every coin and mining pool)
  • Overclocking ( now it stores OC profile for each algorithm it uses )


Some people are frustrating about the change , but only problem is that you need to get used to it , that’s all. Give it a few days and play around it, belive me you will love it.


Please see the video down bellow :