Thermasafe R Engineered Fluid 22L


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Thermasafe R

Thermasafe R high performance dielectric engineered immersion coolant. Fully synthetic, dedicated to both crypto mining and server cooling, compatible with electronic components and biodegradable. Derived from natural gas and not from crude oil, the final product is a result of multi-stage fractionation and hydrocracking process combined with specific formula of additives. Low viscosity, high dielectric strength, no tint, no aroma, non-toxic, non-allergenic, long-life, eco-friendly, crystal clear, safe to use and chemically stable. Thermasafe R is designed specifically for electronics cooling, compatible with ASIC, GPUs, servers and electronics equipment. Over 10y product lifetime. Wins with price, performance and quality over any competitive engineered fluid.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Dielectric Properties: ThermaSafe R® ensures efficient and reliable heat transfer while providing excellent dielectric strength, making it ideal for electrical applications.
  2. High Thermal Stability: With a high boiling point and low viscosity, this fluid remains stable under extreme temperature conditions, ensuring consistent performance in demanding environments.
  3. Corrosion Protection: The formulation includes corrosion inhibitors that safeguard your equipment, extending the lifespan of your systems.
  4. Low Environmental Impact: ThermaSafe R® is designed with environmental responsibility in mind, offering a low global warming potential (GWP) and minimal impact on ozone depletion.
  5. Versatile Application: Whether used in electronic cooling systems, transformers, or industrial processes, ThermaSafe R® delivers superior heat transfer efficiency across various applications.
  6. Non-Flammable: The non-flammable nature of this fluid ensures safety and peace of mind, particularly in critical applications where fire risk must be minimized.


Physical and chemical properties
Information on basic physical and chemical properties Appearance
Appearance & Colour Clear, bright, colourless liquid
Aroma at 20°C  No aroma or odour
Kinematic viscosity at 40 / 60 / 100 °C (mm2/s | cSt) 5,0 / 4,6 / 1,6 (ASTM D5950 | DIN EN ISO 3104)
Pour Point (°C) -73 (DIN ISO 3016)
Flash point – open cup (°C) >160 (DIN ISO 2592)
Water content (Ppm) < 20 (DIN 51777-1)
Sulfur content < 20 ppm (Not corrosive)
Breakdown Voltage / Dielectric Strength (kV) >60 (IEC 60156 / DIN EN 60156)
Viscosity index 99 (DIN ISO 2909)
Density at 15 °C (kg/m3) 833 – 0,83 g/ml (DIN 51757)
Specific heat at 40 / 100 °C (J/(g*K)) 2.20 / 2.36 (ASTM E 2716-09 2014)
Thermal conductivity at 40 /100 °C (W/(m*K)) 0.129 / 0.117 (ASTM D 2717-95 2009)
Solubility in water Non

Product information
Product Name: Thermasafe R
Material: 1111737, 1111736, 1111732, 1082190, 1079695, 107966, 1079651, 1079671
EC-No.Registration number
Chemical name CAS-No. EC-No. Index No. Classification (REGULATION (EC) No1272/2008
1-Decene, Dimer, Hydrogenated 68649-11-6 500-228-5 01-2119493069-28-000
1-Decene, Dimer,Hydrogenated 68649-11-6500-228-5 01-2119493069-28-000



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