LUX OS Firmware for Antminer S19

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Unlock The Full Potential of your ASIC miner, designed and built Luxor Firmware to be compatible with Bitcoin miner fleets of any scale. Access more metrics on your rig, split Hashrate between multiple mining pools. Tune your Bitcoin mining hardware using LuxOS API commands for any use case.


Unleash the potential of your mining fleet with Luxor Firmware, also known as LuxOS. Designed to optimize the performance of your ASIC miners, Luxor Firmware allows users to overclock, underclock and fine-tune their operations to maximize both hashrate and efficiency. Luxor Firmware is North’s America’s first aftermarket Antminer Firmware, supporting a wide range of Antminer models running on Bitmain Firmware.



  • Chip health-checker. Monitor the hashes coming from the chips and identify any that are not performing to spec.
  • Robust API features for checking miner internal state. Hashing performance, temperatures, network state, etc.


  • 45+ API commands with full documentation and technical support. Implement your own custom use case – heat your pool to target temperature, integrate with your solar installation be creative.
  • Customizable performance profiles for any market condition.
  • Curtailment function. Demand response functionality for large operators (or even small ones).


  • Temperature-aware tuner. LuxOS tunes down to a lower performance profile rather than shutting down the miner in high heat. Jumps to higher profile if temperature envelope permits.
  • Over/underclocking readily supported via API via profiles shipped with LuxOS.


Hashrate per profile

Built many profiles that are suitable for most of your use-cases.

Better User Interface

LuxOS prioritizes user experience, so its built  to deliver easy to read, valuable KPIs and metrics.

Customization via API

 Built an easy to use API so  enable more customization for our more technical users.

We are shipping microSD installed with a firmware for Xilinx and Beagle Bone  boards or Installed software on AMLogic boards here in our factory!

If u want to buy firmware for your AMLogic board, AMLogic board doesn’t have microSD socket, so you Would need to purchase Xilinx control board!

Antminer S19

S19 Model Control Board Model Number
T19 Xilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogic All
Vanilla Xilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogic All
Pro Xilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogic All
jPro Xilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogic BHB42601, BHB42603, BHB42621, BHB42631, BHB42641, BHB42651, BHB42821
jPro+ Xilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogic BHB42612
K Pro (BETA) Xilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogic BHB56902
XP Xilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogic BHB56801, BHB56802



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1 review for LUX OS Firmware for Antminer S19

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    This software is amazing