Sapphire 16gb RX570 mining card testing and review. So this card was released from Sapphire about 5 month ago and currently are priced at 329 usd on their website. Which to me seems quite expensive after i have done some benchmark testing. I can see that this price has dropped as previously priced, couple month ago it was at 399 usd.


I’m not surprise that the price of this graphic card is drooping , as the mining profits are not just great currently on most of the AMD cards. Also the performance for mining isn’t great on this graphic card. These are the benchmarks we where getting on this graphic card :

  • ethereum 31.5mh/s
  • Monero 900 h/s
  • grin coin cocaroo 29 (1.8 gp/s) cocaroo 31 (0.4 gp/s)

This card has the same base line as RX570 and it has extra 16gb gddr5 memory. Currently RX570 4gb trading at 100-150usd which is more then twice cheaper then the 16gb version. This doesn’t make sense to me that this card is trading twice as expensive as the RX570 4gb version for about the same performance in mining. Yes i know that Sapphire is advertising this card as for mining grin coin on mining algorithm cocaroo 31. Which needs high end cards and at-least 8gb of memory , also this algorithm is for asic miners. But currently we do not have any asics for Grin out there, so you can use these graphic cards. This 16gb RX570 on this algorithm is very efficient yes, it does the same speed as 1080TI. But i have a really good question is it really worth it, even if it is twice as cheap as 1080ti, No it is not. The profitability is just not there. It makes more sense to buy for example (1660ti which is lot cheaper then RX570 16gb which will bring in more Grin revenue mining cocaroo 29 ).

1660ti mining profits mining grin on cocaroo 29:

grin coin calculator

Sapphire RX570 16 mining Grin cocaroo 31

grin coin calculator

So overall my thoughts on this card is, it must be some Sapphire marketing trick. Where they are trying to sell their unsold RX570 graphic cards. Where they have added 16gb more to just get rid of them. Don’t get me wrong i would also buy this card if it was priced same price as RX570 4gb as mining performance is nearly the same.

Would you buy it? Do you own it?