Antminer S17 is the latest release from Asic miner manufacturer giant Bitmain. it is built on 2nd generation 7nm chip technology. Which makes currently the most efficient bitcoin asic miner. If you are following crypto mining you have to know that Bitmain is the leading manufacturer for Bitcoin asic miners. As they have proven that they can manufacture very efficient asic mining rigs.

Their biggest successor probably was the antminer S9 which was profitable and efficient for mining for few years. As the biggest issue if you want to operate asic miner farm is that, if you buy mining equipment there is always a chance that more efficient miner will flood market. And the current miner will become useless and will cost you money to run it. Where i do believe that asic miners like antminer S9 paid of for many people if they bought it when it was released. Asic mining business is very dangerous and you could loose money very quickly if more efficient miner is released. From our experience most safest asic miner purchases are BTC and LTC miners, because these mining algorithms are out for quite long time. And it is not possible anymore to achieve 10x efficiency in next generation miner production.

So we have done some testing on antminer S17 and indeed it is the most efficient miner currently. These are the results :

  • 53TH mining speed
  • 2200w power usage
  • price 2000-2500usd

Please see the video review :