There is Raven coin network upgrade due on 01.10.2019 16.00 UTC. This upgrade will be to change their mining algorithm to new version. Raven coin dev team has been in strong direction from project launch. They want their mining to be very decentralized and they do not want any ASIC miners on their block-chain. Which basically are taking over Raven coin recently. There has been significant amount increase of total network hashrate lately. It is first sign that there has been ASIC and FPGA miners mining Raven coin mining alghorithm x16r. So to fight these miners and give power back to gpu miners Raven coin is hard-forking.

We want to follow trough this fork and test some hardware before and after fork occurs on October 1st. For this Tutorial we are testing out with our 8x 1080 gpu mining rig. Rig specification :

  • The Aluminium angle frame
  • Celeron G3900 Processor
  • Biostrar TB250+
  • 8x NVIDIA 1080 8gb GPU
  • DDR4 4/8GB Memory
  • Kingston 60GB SSD Harddisk
  • 2xEVGA 850w gold rated power supply
  • HiveOS operating system
  • 8xusb pci Risers
  • 4x1300rpm cooling fans at the miner back

So total network hashrate before  Network upgrade is 26.25 TH/s , it has more then doubled in last month alone. And 9x since March 2019, even there hasnt been big price changes lately, which could affect mining hashrate increase. So this is sign that there is new more efficient hardware mining Raven.

Mining Raven coin Before Network upgrade :

To mine Raven coin we are using hiveOS mining software, if you haven’t used it here is installation guide. We are mining on , this pool has the biggest hashrate. So you will need to register here if you don’t have an account already. Next you need to create flight sheet , checkout video for more detailed explanation. If you know what you are doing you can just place this in your clipboard and create wallet name with same id you have in supernova pool.

  • {“name”:”trex miner raven coin”,”isFavorite”:false,”items”:[{“coin”:”RVN”,”pool”:”nanopool”,”pool_geo”:[“EU”],”pool_ssl”:false,”pool_urls”:[“″,”″],”wal_id”:1701647,”dpool_ssl”:false,”miner”:”t-rex”,”miner_config”:{“url”:”stratum+tcp://%URL%”,”algo”:”x16r”,”pass”:”x”,”template”:”%WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%/%EMAIL%”}}]}

After launching miner im getting average mining speed per card 27mh/s and total for mining rig 220 mh/s. Power usage is 1300 watts.



It has been 20 hours after hard fork implemented. Network hashrate has come down to 6 Th/s, which is almost 5x lower then it was 20 hours ago.  So at the moment seems like the hard-fork to get rid of asics has been successful. Question is for how long???

If you are using hiveOS to mine Ravencoin this is the flight sheet we are using:

  • {“name”:”x16rv2 port 7776″,”isFavorite”:false,”items”:[{“coin”:”RVN”,”pool”:”suprnova”,”pool_ssl”:false,”pool_urls”:[“″],”wal_id”:1851553,”dpool_ssl”:false,”miner”:”t-rex”,”miner_config”:{“url”:”stratum+tcp://%URL%”,”algo”:”x16rv2″,”pass”:”x”,”template”:”%WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%”}}]}


Video review: