Bitcoin mining is most secure investment when it comes down to buying an Asic miner. Just because it is the oldest prof of work mining algorithm. The technology and hardware is improving every year, but it has come to that stage where progress on better hardware, Is getting slower. Recent months for Bitcoin mining has been significant, for total network hash-rate increase. It has more then double since January 2019. Which is very unusual for such large network. We need to look for explanation, and most of the times. When currency/coin price increases, network Hashrate also increases. It is simple to explain, as profitability grows more and more miners starting to mine Bitcoin. Mining is unique business mode , which goal is usually move to zero profit. I compare it to a race, who will ever do mining most efficient will always win the race. There are a lot of strategies what miners are using, some of them mining even at loss and accumulating coins. They are expecting for price increase , which often also does happen. It is still very risky business, as you cannot predict what is going to happen with the coin price.

Another reason why network hashrate is increasing is because there in new more efficient hardware developed. Latest Bitcoin miners work on 7nm chips, which has been in production since start of 2019. And they are much more efficient then previous successors 10nm and 16nm miners. I would say in last few years , Bitcoin mining has got more decentralized, as there is more and more Asic miner manufacturers entering Asic miner market for bitcoin. Only few years ago there was one main dominate company Bitmain. But now there are few Cannon, STU technology, Microbit, Innosilicone and many more.

So this tutorial will be about latest Bitmain Antminer S17. If you do have a large mining farm, you want to control and monitor your mining rigs in very simple way. As many of you know i use 3rd party software to monitor gpu and asic miners. But issue with the latest Bitmain miners is that they are locking down SSH. That you are not possible to install any additional software or overclock the miner. But hiveOS team has developed firmware to upload to Antminers S17, which will allow to connect miners to the panel. So these are the steps you need to follow :

1.Download firmware for your Antminer S17


2.Install downloaded firmware

3.Use putty or similar ssh tool login into your miner trough ip address.  default user:root default password:admin

4.When logged in your Antminer S17 , type firstrun -f (this will allow you to connect miner to your hiveOS account)

5.Login into your hiveOS account if you dont have one create new account, then add asic miner and you will receive miner ID

6.Insert this id and password into your Antminer S17 after thge command firstrun -f

7.Your miner should show up in your hiveos account as booted in few seconds.

8.Create a flight sheet and you can control and monitor your mining from hiveos panel now.

Overclocking currently not available from here , but this post will be updated in future as soon as we have found any reliable OC for these miners. But take in mind that these miners has builtin psu , and overclocking will increase power usage for your asic miners. And Overclocking to much mingh burn your PSU.