Bitmain new business model again, you just don’t know what to expect from them.

Hey hey hey Bitman , well guys you are on mining hardware channel here with Guntis and thanks for watching again. Bitmain is At it again, couple days ago their customer base received email that they are happy to launch New Antminer B3, so I wanted to digging and do some research deeper on their scam.

So they say this Antminer B3 will be suitable for proof of work smart contract block chain Called Bytom . Wft is Bytom I never heard about it , so I opened coinmarketcap type in Bytom and boom it has already 1bilj market cap already. At the first look their block chain seems to be built similar way as ethereum is as a smart contract platform where their focus is digitalize assets like dividends, bonds, intelligence information etc , focusing also on identity storage and usage.  Also it does support cross chain mechanisms for all kind of crypto currencies.

Bytom seems to have a great team behind it except you can see their partner is also Bitmain on their website …hahha

But yes Bytom is Chinese block chain and you can find people and companies behind it like Chang Jia who is 8btc founder and one of the writes of firs bloc chain book in China

And Duan Xinxing who is exutive president of 8btc and also former vice president of OKcoin which is largest Chinese Bitcoin exchange and also has written 2books on block chain technology.

Whanchain who is leading crosschain technology developers.

Then the companies like hitBTC Huobi and many more known companies in Blockchain space.

Ok I dig in deeper and found that Bytom has some new proof of work algorithm Tensority:  which is an ASIC AI chip friendly proof of work algorithm , so what they actually say that they have made a lot of improvement on mining algorithm like bitcoin has that it wastes to much energy where they can involve this block chain maintain energy in to artificial inelegance calculation so that this energy is not wasted.

Also was looking up the specs on their miners that they hash 780mh at only 360w of power. Which seems to be ok, well anyway even I know Bitmain want to scam me I ordered these miners to run some test, just want to see whats this technology is all about. These miners run on 12x AI Asic chips. Bitmain has recently focused a lot on Artificial intelligence and they have developed chips for it which they say they will help on speech recognition , surveillance improvements and robotics , their other project is called Sophon you can go and check it out they are selling AI graphic cards already with these chips.

Bytom might be another their project to push forward their AI chip sales and get more into artificial Intelligent. We shall see soon anyway.

Ill probably do a review video on this miner, there is no real information on this about how profitable is this as the main net launched only few days ago , but websites as says that this is about 300usd a day which is not possible to tell so we probably will expect more details in about a week or so. I will let you know anyway whats the probability anyway. But there is another thing which I really I don’t like that Bitmain will control this network at least for now as I assume they only manufacture these chips themselves.

Ok Stay tune for update on this miner when I will receive it and will see what results it will bring.

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