Antminer L3+ is a scrypt miner and the most advanced scrypt crypto currency is Litecoin. which has been in bitcoins shadow from its birth day. L3+ miners are made in China Bitmain factory which is the leading ASIC miner manufacturer by today , which might change in future as the BITMAIN is getting bad reviews latley . That their customer receiving miners used and faulty , and also their customer care is terrible as we proved that ourselves when we tried to contact them. So took this L3+ miner to hardcore overclocking and went trough the mining profits when you do such overclock.

After we finnished the testign review, we summarized that it is profitable to overclock miner to 580mhz . As you do overclocking of course your mining speed is increasing and that means also your mining profits will increase. But there is also bad side of the overclocking as you overclock miner more and more you power usage goes up also very fast. We did calculate that if we pay 0.13$ we still would earn more after we pay our electric cost and that means faster ROI time. But not only power usage increase is the only bad thing, also you would loose your 180 day manufacturer warranty, but im some cases who cares you cannot get trough to BITMAIN anyway . We havent tested how this works in long-term, but we assume this overclcoking will kill your chips faster then it will on stock settings for this asic miner. So you can watch the whole video about our review on this miner, hope this hepls to you. (sorry for the sound quality of the video).