Introduction: In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency mining, staying ahead with the latest technology is crucial. For enthusiasts and professionals using the Antminer S19K Pro, there’s exciting news. The LuxOS firmware upgrade promises a remarkable boost in hash rate performance – up to 50%! This blog post dives deep into the installation process, tailored settings, and performance metrics of LuxOS on Antminer S19K Pro, ensuring you harness its full potential.

What is LuxOS Firmware? LuxOS firmware is a specialized operating system designed to enhance the performance of ASIC miners. For the Antminer S19K Pro, LuxOS offers a significant increase in hash rate efficiency. It’s a game-changer for miners looking to optimize their hardware’s output.

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Installation: A Tailored Approach The installation process for LuxOS varies based on the type of control board in your Antminer S19K Pro.

  1. Xilinx Board Installation:
    • If your Antminer has a Xilinx board, the process is straightforward. Simply install LuxOS on a microSD card using a tool like Etcher.
    • Insert the microSD card into the Xilinx board’s slot. Upon booting, the LuxOS firmware will be operational.
  2. Amlogic Board Installation:
    • For miners with an Amlogic board, there are two paths:
      • Using Lux Commander: This tool allows remote installation of the firmware. However, access to this software requires a specific key.
      • Board Replacement: Alternatively, you can replace the Amlogic board with a Xilinx board and then use the microSD card method.

At, our test miner with an Amlogic board was upgraded remotely using the Lux Commander software. However, we have experience with both methods.

Performance Testing and Results: We conducted extensive testing on LuxOS with different settings to measure performance gains.

  1. Default Overclock Setting:
    • Frequency: 645 MHz
    • Voltage: 13.9V
    • Performance: 134 TH/s at 3200W
    • Efficiency: Calculate the efficiency in joules per terahash (J/TH).
  2. Enhanced Setting:
    • Frequency: 720 MHz
    • Voltage: 14.2V
    • Performance: 149 TH/s at 3800W
    • Efficiency: Calculate J/TH.
  3. Maximum Performance Test:
    • Frequency: 795 MHz
    • Voltage: 14.5V
    • Performance: 164 TH/s at 4400W
    • Efficiency: Calculate J/TH.

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Conclusion: Upgrading to LuxOS firmware on the Antminer S19K Pro is a strategic move for miners seeking to maximize their equipment’s efficiency and output. Whether you have a Xilinx or Amlogic board, the installation process is manageable, and the performance gains are significant. Dive into the world of enhanced crypto mining with LuxOS and experience a new level of productivity.

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