In today’s age of high-energy crypto mining, the quest for more efficient, quiet, and powerful miners is ongoing. The Jasminer X4-Q, a high-performance crypto miner, stands out in this regard, promising a low-noise, energy-efficient, and high-hash rate experience. Let’s dive deeper into the world of the Jasminer X4-Q and understand how to start mining with it.

What Makes Jasminer X4-Q Stand Out?

Developed by SUNLUNE Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd, the Jasminer X4-Q is a high-throughput 1U server equipped with Jasminer’s self-developed high-throughput intelligent engine. With this engine, the X4-Q is specifically built for complex blockchain networks, providing an impressive hash rate of 1040MH/s±10% at a power consumption of just 370w±10%.

What makes the X4-Q even more appealing is its silent operation, producing noise levels of ≤ 40 dB, making it perfect for home use. Its compact size, built-in fan, and low power consumption further add to its attractiveness.

Setting Up and Using the Jasminer X4-Q

The Jasminer X4-Q’s user-friendly interface makes it relatively easy to set up and start mining. It only requires a power supply, a network connection, and a few parameters to be set.

Pre-Use Inspection

Before starting to use the X4-Q, inspect the package for any deformations or interface damage. Check for abnormal sounds or loose screws. If you find any issues, contact the after-sales department immediately.

Connecting and Configuring the Device

  1. Connect your X4-Q to a router or exchanger without PoE (Power over Ethernet) function. The device supports a wired network connection only.
  2. After connecting and powering the device, find its IP address. You can do this by logging into the router connected to the device and looking for the “JASMINER” device, or by using the IP Report software provided by Jasminer.
  3. Enter the IP address into your web browser to open the device interface. The default Username and Password are both “root”.
  4. Once logged in, enter the “Miner” configuration interface to modify the core pool settings. Fill in your preferred and two alternative mining pool addresses, account name, and password. Select the algorithm (the device supports both ETCHASH and ETHASH algorithm) and click “Update” to submit the configuration.

After 30 minutes of activity, you can view the device’s hash rate on the “Status” page.

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Additional Settings

The interface also allows you to change network configurations, modify login credentials, view log information, upgrade system firmware, restart the device, and restore the device to factory settings.

Power and Performance in a Compact Package

The Jasminer X4-Q is not only a powerful performer but also boasts a thermal-friendly grille-type artistic design, highlighting both personality and the beauty of technology. Its hanging lugs on both sides make it suitable for deployment in IDC server rooms, homes, or other environments.

In conclusion, the Jasminer X4-Q is a powerful, efficient, and quiet solution for those looking to mine Ethash coins. Its user-friendly design and high performance make it a compelling choice for both home and data center use. So, why wait? Start mining with the Jasminer X4-Q today and experience the future of crypto mining.