Mining Container MineBox 500

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  • fully autonomous
  • transportable
  • cooling efficient
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MineBox 500

Express infrastructural mining unit

MineBox is the worlds first most efficient and transportable mining location. (Mining Hardware ltd.) is Leading mining hardware manufacturer and distributors located in Europe. We do have mining experience with building most efficient mining rigs since 2016, and we are located in Ireland. We wanted to introduce our newest product MineBox.

MineBox is a mining location unit built from 20 foot shipping container. Customized specially for efficient mining. To save you building out expensive mining location, now you can locate you miners in MineBox, which has built in energy efficient cooling. And easy miner installation for your ASIC and GPU mining rigs.

This unit is manufactured in Latvia and is very easy transportable to your location, anywhere in the world for very affordable prices.


  • Biggest benefits of using MineBox ?

Shipping container is customized in unique way that your mining farm could be easy transportable.  You don’t need to waste money on rent or expensive location build out for mining. You would also save money if you would want to transfer your farm for example to cheaper energy location.

  • Plug and Play

We know how sometimes mining could be very knowledge based, but we have learned to build plug and play setups for over 3 years now. And there is no other companies who has done this before. To install mining operation in our MineBox is so easy as to connect your mobile phone to charger. As we are manufacturing and distributing mining equipment also, we do offer fully installed MineBox with your chosen equipment. Please contact for details.

  • Cooling

MineBox is using energy efficient cooling. By being one of the biggest and oldest mining hardware distributors here in Europe. We have gained a lot of experience, how to cool down your mining rigs very efficiently. As cooling in mining process is very important of controlling your mining operations. Better cooling is more profits on your mining rigs.

  • Saving your expenses

We have built out container in unique way that we have cold and hot air aisle ,  where airflow is regulated with fans attached to mining rigs. So no extra fans no extra power and hardware expenses. Also you don’t need to waste more money on building rent and expensive power connection, as this 20 foot container space is very well managed.


  • Mining Monitoring and controlling.

We are offering mining rig monitoring which will send updates to your mobile phone with mining hardware workload temperatures and hashing speeds. Also mining up time and downtime. You can control your mining farm from anywhere in the world, even from your smartphone.


MINEBOX Specification

Brand    MineShop

Internal dimensions        5915*2295*2340mm (L*W*H)

External dimensions       6055*2435*2591mm (L*W*H)

Current 731A

Voltage 380V

Power   486KW

Incoming cable  (YJV-0.6/1KV 400)*4+YJV-0.6/1KV 240*1

Note      Before using MINEBOX, users need to do the ground hardening to ensure the stability of the environment during mining. Generally, a single MINEBOX is required to complete 5 tons of ground hardening work. Minebox 500 total weight without mining hardware is 1800 kg.


Technical specification and what’s included PRICE 25987EURO:

Possible to connect miner amount (mining rigs are NOT included in price)

  • Maximum performance Antminer S9 (7row x 36miners = total 252 asic miners)
  • Maximum Performance Antminer S17(6row x 32miners =  total 192 asic miners)
  1. Maximum power usage 486kw
  2. Power outlets 225 = 25 Power distribution units
  3. Cold and hot air aisle
  4. Shelves for mining rigs
  5. If ordered fully equipped MineBox monitoring tool installation for free.
  6. Possible to pre-build MineBox for GPU mining in 6gpu/8gpu systems in 4U cases
  7. Transportation cost varies depending on the distance.

Any extras for your mining farm?


Network connections ( Lan setup for every rig )

Air filtration – dust free setup, possible to install water-cool curtains on air intake wall

Video Surveillance

Monitoring software usage contact us

Mining Container are built by customized customer needs, lead time 30 days.

6 reviews for Mining Container MineBox 500

  1. Janis

    Hi. Can you explane me what exactly is included in MineBox500? And if its possible to get detailed specification about this product?


    Any questions please contact customer care [email protected]

  3. Popescu


    Please tell me more infos about this container and what’s exactly contains this? And also what I need more to put inside this container to start the business with mining to produce bitcoin and also how much can be total cost for container plus all hardware included?

    Thank you


    @Popescu Hardware prices constantly changes, please contact sales team [email protected] to give you most accurate information.

  5. Dan Scarbrough

    Can you tell the price per container for reconfiguring MineBox for GPU mining in 8gpu systems in 4U cases


    Hi. Is it possible to get detailed specification about this product (box-500) and in this price € 24,999.99 include the Antminer S9 (7row x 36miners = total 252 asic miners). Thanks in advance.