We will try to make it very short, as there is not much to tell about mining in closed case. So we had two different closed cases for test this time bot are for 6xgpu. One is 4u size case and the other is 6U size case. I wont be going into details, you can click on the links and see more details about these cases.

the biggest benefits are:

  • great cooling, if used proper cooling fans
  • very compact
  • possible to turn of gpu fans , which are quite expensive if they break.

We did test this miner for Monero mining on HiveOS.    And with 6xMSI Armor RX580 8gb , we reached 5.2 KH at 750w of power.

So the overcloks we where running is :

  1. Core clock 1180
  2. Core voltage 900
  3. Mem Clock 2250
  4. Aggressive under-volting ON

Please see the full tests video :