Mining is all about simplicity. We have been building mining rigs for years now. And have tested a lot if different kind of hardware and cases. Sometimes mining could be skill based. There are new tools developed to make it much easier. Software,hardware and full mining setup like Minebox 8. Which is one of the easiest gpu mining setups what we have found up till now.

Minebox 8 is GPU mining case with all the components included excluding the graphic cards. So basically plug in the gpu and start mining. Components included :

  • Cpu – Intel celeron G3900
  • RAM – DDR3 4gb
  • SSD – 60gb MSATA
  • Case/PCI-e slots – 8x16x PCI-E slots
  • Motherboard
  • 8x 6+2pin cables for gpu
  • 1800w Power supply 100-240V AC/47-63Hz/9A
  • Net weight 5kg
  • 6x120mm 4000rpm cooling fans
  • noise 60db

This is the most recommended mining case from mineshop, and the price is amazing. Whoever is in gpu mining for long time, know that risers usually are trouble. They brake they burn and wastes your time a lot. We have had multiple cases like these, biggest was we bought 3000 high quality risers but none of them worked. Because of manufacturing fault. But minebox 8 has builtin pci-e slots in motherboard, which makes them more secure and easier installation.

The beauty about this is that everything is installed. And setup for starting your mine is very time efficient. It takes only few minutes to install the gpu in mining rig and start mining. Also another very big thing is that it is very cooling efficient. This case has 6x high efficiency fans which cools down the system. After tests running 8xgpus on Ethereum mining for a week with 0% fan speed on graphic cards. Cards average temperatures 35c , outside box air temperature 15-20c .


If you building large mining farm this is the case to use, as the price is very cheap , cooling is great and it is very time consuming installation.