A new breed of ASIC miner is about to grace the cryptocurrency mining landscape. Introducing the Jasminer X16-P (5535MH), a cutting-edge Ethereum Classic miner that promises to revolutionize the way we mine Ethash-based coins like ETC, UBIQ ,MUSIC and others.

About the Jasminer X16-P

Designed for high-performance hashrate and extreme efficiency, the Jasminer X16-P is predicted to be the most profitable Ethereum Classic miner for home and office use and industrial. It operates on the Ethash algorithm and boasts a maximum hashrate of 5500MH/s, setting new standards in the industry.

The X16-P is equipped with Jasminer’s newly developed high throughput chip. This advanced technology aims to provide a balance of high performance and cost-effectiveness, making it suitable for applications ranging from home use to IDC server rooms and professional mining sites.

Key Specifications

The Jasminer X16-P, anticipated to be available in August 2023, is set to offer the following features but these are not official yet:

  • Manufacturer: Jasminer
  • Model: Jasminer X16-P
  • Mineable coins: Ethereum Classic (ETC), Musicoin (MUSIC), Ubiq (UBQ), and others
  • Algorithm: ETCHash/dualmining
  • Noise: 40 db
  • Power: 1900W (+/-10%)
  • Voltage: 220V
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • Temperature: 0 – 40 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity: 5 – 95%

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About Jasminer

Jasminer is a renowned manufacturer of ASIC mining hardware, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company produces a wide range of ASIC models capable of hashing the Ethash algorithm. Jasminer’s commitment to creating ‘world-class’ chips is clear in their pursuit of driving the crypto world.

Other Notable Models by Jasminer

Apart from the Jasminer X16-P, the company has a variety of models in its portfolio: