How to setup Infinex masternode?

Tools you would need for Infinex masternode:

  • Infinex wallet
  • 1000 infinex coins
  • VPS –virtual private server
  • When you have all of this you would just need to go and configure your masternode

So these would be the steps you would need to follow to setup you masternode running smoothly :

                Infinex seems a great crypto currency, which is hybrid POW- proof of work and Masternode crypto currency which is ASIC resistant ining alghorithm Lyra2Z. Something similar to DASH , and by the way they haven’t got any ICO or premined coins. Also seems like they are focusing to get most rewards for masternode holders as the block halwing is every year where miner rewars is getting reduced every year where masternode Rewards stays the same every year 5 infinex coin from block. Infinex total cap is 26milj coins. Only time will tell how good will be this project , but their roadmap seems promising , as they are planning to launch decentralized exchange in Q2 in 2019. You can follow this project on their social media sites .

So First thing what would you need to do is to go on Cripto-brige Decentralized exchange and buy 1000 infinex coins which would get you about 7 infinex coins a day after your masternode launch. Which currently at this tutorial they are priced at around 1usd per infinex coin. Put your order at what price you want to buy them and when your order clears just go to your infinex wallet and create receiving address , then back to crypto-brige exchange and go withdraw tab and withdraw them to you infinex wallet.

When this is done and you have your coins in wallet , now you are ready to setup you VPS-virtual private server which will host your infinex masternode. For this tutorial im choosing Vultr VPS provider which is so easy to use, after you have signed up with them go to Deploy a VPS , choose server closest to you, then you need to choose Server type, You choose 64bit Ubuntu 16.04 which is recommended by infinex developer tema. You will see there is all king of servers but you can choose the cheapest at this stage it is enough with the parameters it has 2.5usd a month but if it is soldout just choose next cheapest. Also enable IPv6 and give your server a label. After that is done it will start to install, it will take only few minutes and while it is installing you ca go and download SSH tool Putty which will allow you to login in your VPS. After this is done login in to your VPS trough putty your login credentials is provided at you Vultr VPS which you have installed.

So just type in your ip address to find you server then username an password you can find on your Server you have just installed. Next there is a masternode guide on Infinex website  , so first thing what you need to do here is to download masternode package , batch file wich will allow you to install masternode on your Ubuntu Server , the command is : wget

This will take only couple of seconds to. After that you need to activate this file to be able to run by typing this command in your console chmod -R 755

  • Then execute the command below:


This will start download and installing your master node on your Ubuntu server and will take around 30minutes.

  • Till we are waiting till this is installing we can go and get ready our wallet for our masternode, I have setup the things you would need for your masternode:
  • Label:
  • wallet Address :
  • Masternode private Key :
  • Publicl IP :
  • MN Conf Line :

(Please watch the video below how to find these missing puzzle peace) So you would need to create separate wallet address where you will transfer exactly 1000 infinex coins, create a name for it which will be your lable . Then you will get wallet address where to transfer exactly 100o infinex coins.

You can go in get you Public IP from your Vultr virtual server. And secont last piece is your MN Conf Line whuch you can find in your Infinex wallet, on the top bar go to Tools and choose debug console and there will popup new window down in console  you need to type “masternode outputs” and this will give you the numbers and letters for MN Conf Line, they will look similar to this :

c1ac0a863a3e0cfeccbcf8bfc8a6c2c2d498456225885adbb18b3ffe9ee68087 0

Ok now when you have received all details last thing will be Your masternode private key which you will get after your masternode will be installed on your Ubuntu , it will popup on your screen when this is done.

Now you have to add this all in your masternode configuration file : go to tools and masternode configuration file and fill out them the order it says in the sample ans save this and reboot your wallet to apply the settings.

After you have done this your masternode should show up in your wallet mast node section. You can enable it right click on it and choose start alias , it should start running in about 30 minutes.

So this is done now, and this is the last thing you want to do to setup your masternode on autopilot, if your VPS crash our there is some kind of other outages. Now login back in to your masternode VPS to enable masternode autoreboot function , this works something similar as startup folder on windows.

  • Type command crontab –e
  • Select second option by pressing 2 on keyboard
  • Add startup command on bottom type @reboot /root/infinex/infined –daemon
  • Hit clr+x
  • Enter
  • Type reboot to get your masternode running smootly

Follow the video guide: