Immersion Cooling Enclosure System for 6/8 miners Full Set


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Most crypto mining businessmen and enthusiasts know that cryptocurrency mining is getting harder. Rising difficulty, huge power consumption, very loud noise, massive amount of heat, large footprint of spaced-out devices, dust, vibration, humidity, regular maintenance of fouled miners, and no possible way to overclock already hot devices… Finally, low reliability and frequent repairs. All of that results in downtime and makes crypto mining both inefficient and painful. That’s why we created Universal Immersion Mining Enclosures. Our professional immersion tank (or bath) with a special build is designed to substantially reduce heat and achieve higher performance.

DCX Mining Enclosure v3 is a “plug and mine” system that is available for every individual that goes pro with more devices or small-medium-large mining operators. Immersion cooling with Thermasafe – single-phase and material-compatible dielectric engineered fluid – solves all the abovementioned issues. The Enclosure protects your electronic equipment from high temperature, humidity, dust and vibration – all the main causes of electronic equipment failures – and makes mining more convenient. Besides, it gets rid of high pitch noise produced by multiple miners.  The single enclosure is a building block for all of our solutions that can be scaled to a complete rack or a multiple rack system.


DCX Immersion Mining Enclosure i9/32/70 1
22 L ThermaSafe R™ Fluid 10
ICP40 – 40 kW Integrated Cooling & Pumping System 1
Dry Cooler Loop Filling Assembly (manual pump) 1


Product Specifications Enclosure System

Dimensions 80(W)x75(D)x55(H)
Heat Transfer Capacity 41kW
General construction All-steel
Heat Exchanger Brazed Plate 110kW
Circulation Pump Dielectric fluid compatible 160 lpm / 42 gpm with 8m pressure
Dielectric Fluid 200-230L
Heat Rejection Water loop or ICP40 (40kW Integrated Dry Cooler/Pumping Unit)
Max temperature 68C/154F
Power Distribution Optional Switchgear
Monitoring Temperature Sensor and Software optional


ICP40 Adaptive Cooling / Pumping System

Immersion optimized dry cooler for the single immersion enclosure, combined with an integrated pump unit. Delivered with all components needed to start the operation. Equipped with 160 lpm / 42 GPM continuous duty pump. Dual 500 mm fan unit with dimensions 140 x 70 x 40 cm. Over 40kW of heat transfer in 35*C ambient and 50kW of heat transfer for average 25*C outside temperature. Standard 60-62dB fans or high performance 50-55dB fans. Maximum power 600W, average in moderate climate 400W.

Product features & parameters:

Application Single Immersion Mining Enclosure (8xS19 | 12 x M30/M50 Whatsminer)
Heat Transfer 35°C 40 kW
Heat Transfer 25°C 45 kW
Dimensions 1400 x 460 x 715 cm
Fans & Noise 2x 500 mm / 58-62dB(A)
Power (max) Fan 2x 380W 50hz (1.7A) | 480W 60hz (2.1A) | 1x Pump 185W (0.8A)
Power Standard 230-240V/1Ph/50/60 Hz
Pump system & Fittings 160 lpm / 42 GPM / 1″ DN25 Smart Pump
Control System Adaptive Fan Controller with temperature sensor
Fluid In / Out[°C] 60 / 40
Weight 80 kg dry


Warranty 180 days.



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