HiveOS is ultimate mining software solution for gpu and Asic mining rigs.

It has raised a lot of attention lately from miners big and small mining farms. HiveOS main version is built on Ubuntu, but they also have releases just about month ago version for windows users.

To setup HiveOS is very simple if you have used before mining software like Ethos and Simple mining.   If is very simmilar to simple mining OS , but just much more advanced.

Main HiveOS features:

  • it is easy to install (see the video bellow)
  • it has watchdogs ( reboots you rigs if mining speed reduces)
  • you can access you rigs from anywhere without installing special remote controls
  • it does use 10% less power then other mining software, specially for AMD cards
  • For NVIDIA cards it has builtin eth-enlargement pill
  • You could connect it to telegram app for notifications
  • team implements any new features in a matter of 24 hours if there is demand.

HiveOS is one of the most expensive mining software out there, but you pay for quality of the product. It does cost 3usd per month per rig, but with the up time of your rigs you would probably get this money back. Also they are focusing on large farms and up to 3 mining rigs if free to use. If you do have a very ;large mining farm they offer discounts.

Steps for installing Hiveos :

1. Download the zip file –
2. Download HDD raw copy tool –
3. extract Hiveos zip file
4.copy Hive os image to SSD card with HDD raw copy tool
5. Signup Hiveos account –
6.use promotion code MINESHOP to get free 10usd at signup
7.start mining:)

If you do have a questions you can comment down bellow.

Please see the video installation for HiveOS :