RX5700 series graphic cards has been out for few month now. But drivers for mining from AMD hasn’t been the best. Recently most popular mining OS Simple-mining and hiveOS has added support for these graphic cards. It is not perfect but mining is doable on these cards now, and the results are impressive. Im not saying here GPU mining is now profitable, you still have to be mining fanatic like i am to build GPU mining rig with new hardware.

My setup for 324mh/s mining rig:

Over clocks used :

  • Core Clock 1340
  • Core Voltage 800
  • Memory clock 930-950

My setup for 500 mh/s mining rig :

  • 12gpu all in one mining rig case
  • 5x RX5700
  • 1xRX5700XT
  • 6xRX570  4gb MSI gaming
  • hiveOS mining software  https://hiveos.farm/install/

Over clocks used :

  • Core Clock 1340 (RX5700) 1100(RX570)
  • Core Voltage 800
  • Memory clock 930-950(RX5700) 2030(RX570)

There is nearly no difference in hash-rate RX5700 and RX5700XT . It is no point spending extra 20% on gpu to increase hashrate by less then 1%. So if you are mining Ethereum stick to RX5700

Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci0SAtrpaKs