Antminer Z9 review mining Zcash.


Antminer Z9 in one of the newest ASIC miners From Bitmain for mining Equihash Like Zcash , Zclassic , Zen Cash and other Shit-coins. So we got the miner for Tests couple days ago, as usually Bitmain with the specs are there are advertising on their website they are on point. Miners are usually as efficient or more.

To setup Antminer Z9 is the same way as any other Bitmain asic miners, you put in your pool address type in wallet info and you are good to go. We did connect this miner to Flypool to mine Zcash.

After the setup miner stats hashing nearly instantly , it does connect to mining pool much more faster then Antminer E3. Which took about 7-10 minutes to start hashing.

The results we got was :

  • 42 Kh/s
  • 1000 Watts

As many of you know Antminer Z9 mini was possible to overclock and get more then 50%extra hashrate which of course does make your ROI much more faster. But Bitmain has removed the option to OC as much In this software version. And there is only 2 overclock options now :

  • “Balance” which is the stock setting 500mhz
  • “Turbo” which has OC 550mhz

So when using overclock “Turbo” results are:

  • 50kh/s
  • 1100w

We did try also HTML hach which seems to didn’t work, as you are trying some OC which doesn’t exist, miner automatically restets to stock. Also we tried to edit CGminer configuration file which also was not supported.

Currently equihash miners are the only one of the most profitable as rest of the miners barely covers power costs and in some cases it doesn’t. For how long this is going to be, I dont know . As usually these asic miner manufacturers manufacture so many miners that mining difficulty increases so much that there is no mining profit. Probably expecting to 0 profit in 1-3 month if the prices wont change.


Overall thoughts about miner :

Miner working stable and profitable. After testing 2 miners , one hashing board died on one miner. Turning off after 30 minutes of mining. Tried software recovery which also didn’t help.