Choosing graphic cards for mining is one of the hardest decisions when investing in mining rig built. There is a lot of factors involved , gpu price, hashrate they get, power use and how long it will take to ROI. These are the top asked questions. We will try to get some answers in this post which cards for mining is the best to use.

Specially for new miners, its very hard to choose graphic cards. There is so many different models and types. Some of them are better doing then others on different mining algorithms. Amd is usually better from memory hard mining and NVIDIA usually for core hard algorithms. Simplest is to choose when you know which coins you want to mine. As im recommending to mine top market-cap coins because they will be your safest and most stable mining investment. Just because they have large size network, larger network means they are also more popular and most likely needed.

My current review in June 2020 which graphic cards to use are two types. From Nvidia graphic cards from value range 1660Ti and from AMD RX5700. Both of these graphic cards has quite impressive performance on mining Ethereum and Ravencoin. Which are the top GPU mine-able coins currently. Bot of these graphic cards are at around the same price range where RX5700 is slightly more expensive averaging at 330 euro per card. And 1660Ti is at 280 euro price tag. You choice of graphic cards depends also of course from the graphic card price you can get. someone might get better deal then others.

So to calculate which cards will do your ROI the fastest you’ll need to calculate.

  • how much hash-rate you’ll get with this card?
  • how much power uses my graphic card?
  • how much revenue it will bring?
  • how big profit it will make daily?

The main question is how much profit it will make, because when you devide this number with the GPU price you paid. You will get your ROI timing.


To calculate which GPU is better ill take 2 exactly the same mining rigs, just with different graphic cards:

  1. 12xgpu mining rig in closed case with 12xRX5700
  2. 12xgpu mining rig in closed case with 12x1660Ti

Where RX5700 will be mining Ethereum as they are most efficient on ETH. 1660Ti will be mining Ravencoin, as best results it does have on mining Raven-coin.


  • Performance mining Ethereum 12xRX5700 670 mh/s @1800w power usage. Graphic cards bios has been modified, OC settings- Core clock 1340 – mem 910mhz – core voltage 760 – watt 119

  • Performance mining Ravencoin 12x1660Ti 180 mh/s @1400w power usage. Graphic cards OC settings mem +1200 – Power Limit 105


Both of these mining rigs uses hiveOS mining software.

When inserting all this data in mining calculator we are getting results, profit results for you might be different if you use different electric rate:

  • RX5700 revenue is 10.40usd in 24 hours and profit is 6.08usd

  • 1660Ti revenue is 7.36usd in 24 hours and profit is 4.03usd

Keep in mind Crypto currencies are extremely volatile , and these numbers can show different stats different day. But calculating averaging winner winner chicken diner is RX5700.

So my absolute best choice would be RX5700 they are just better earner, also they are not bad on mining RVN coin. Hasrate is about the same as 1660Ti, just uses slightly more power then the 1660Ti.