1.8m Eu plug to C13 power cord 14AWG

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Introducing the 1.8m  (AWG14)EU Plug to C13 Power Cord for Miners: Your Robust Mining Power Solution

When it comes to powering your mining rig, you need a power cord that not only meets the rigorous demands of cryptocurrency mining but also offers the reliability and flexibility required for your setup. Our 1.8m 1.5mm² EU Plug to C13 Power Cord is purpose-built to deliver on all fronts.

Key Features:

  1. Designed for Miners: This power cord is tailored to the needs of cryptocurrency miners, providing the ideal connection for various mining rigs, including ASIC miners, GPU setups, and more.
  2. EU Plug to C13 Compatibility: The cord features an EU plug on one end and a C13 connector on the other, making it a perfect match for devices with a C14 inlet, which is common in mining hardware.
  3. Ample Length: With a generous 1.8 meters (approximately 6 feet) of length, this power cord offers the flexibility to position your mining equipment as needed, allowing for efficient cable management and organization.
  4. Heavy-Duty Construction: This power cord can handle the demanding power requirements of mining rigs. Its robust construction ensures reliable power delivery and minimizes potential downtime.
  5. Easy Setup: Installing this power cord is a breeze. The EU plug fits seamlessly into standard European power outlets, while the C13 connector securely attaches to your mining equipment, ensuring a snug and stable connection.

Elevate your mining operation with the 1.8m 14AWG EU Plug to C13 Power Cord. It guarantees that your mining hardware receives a consistent and stable power supply, reducing the risk of unexpected disruptions and helping maximize your mining efficiency and profitability.

Order your 1.8m 14AWG EU Plug to C13 Power Cord for Miners today and experience the difference in power reliability and convenience. Your mining rig deserves the best, so choose a cord that offers a secure and dependable connection for your valuable equipment.

Suitable for Antminer Series: It is compatible with a wide range of Antminer models, such as the Antminer S19k pro, S19Jpro, L7  among others. These ASIC miners rely on a stable and robust power source, and our power cord ensures their uninterrupted operation.

AvalonMiner Series: If you’re using AvalonMiner ASICs like the AvalonMiner 1246 or 1146, this power cord is an ideal choice to ensure they receive consistent power for efficient mining.


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